The Wooster Group's

The B-Side

The Wooster Group's 
The B-Side

Teaser/ trailer

The Brodka videos were created in conjunction with Redbull. The TWG Youtube channel video was created during the brief period that the company published on Youtube instead of Vimeo.

BRODKA "Clashes" 



I created this "lo-fi" animation for a social media announcement for Brodka's album clashes. The video is from an iPhone documentation of one her photo shoots and I picked the sound from a scratch track.

The Wooster GroupYoutube Channel teaser


Mixing footage from The Dailies and the TWG Archives, I put together this channel trailer to a bouncy beat track that shows the diversity of  TWG videos.

"Horses" teaser video


I mixed video from Brodka's iPhone with footage I shot of her during the recording of her album at Seahorse Studios in Los Angeles in this teaser video for the single "Horses."

"I am a painter" - Michael Bevilacqua


COPY: "Take a serious mind, a double punch of punk and a blender’s worth of pop culture and you have the beginnings of a Michael Bevilacqua painting. Born and raised in California, he takes the DIY aesthetics of the native punk culture – photocopies, spray paint, silk screen – and works them into fine art canvases exploding with cultural markers from Popeye and Snow White to death metal, ska and punk." - Imagine Fashion

"Good Evening, America" - Chloë Sevigny


COPY: "For anyone who knows culture or style, Chloë Sevigny needs little introduction. Her big break in Larry Clark’s Kids (1995) came while she still worked at the downtown boutique Liquid Sky, her true New York cool preferred to an actress’s imitation of it. " - Imagine Fashion

"Whatever you're looking at" - Mary Katranzou


COPY: "A Shalimar perfume bottle, vibrant drippings of molten glass, tricked out rooms from World of Interiors – these are some of the visuals that Mary Katrantzou has incorporated into her stunning trompe l’oeil designs. It’s a trick that could quickly turn gimmicky, but her eye for elegance and keen integration of textiles and garments have made her two-year old label a must-see. " - Imagine Fashion

Imagine Fashion

These videos were created for the fashion website Imagine Fashion. The feature was curated by Adam Dugas and Casey Spooner. [I shot and edited these videos for Imagine Fashion]

The B-Side - catch the needle drop



The B-Side- Rehearsal with Eric Berryman [06.25.16]

B-Side - Rehearsal Part 2- Eric Berryman and Phillip Moore [06.30.16]

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