A PINK CHAIR (In Place of a Fake Antique)

A review of the Wooster Group performance in which I play "Man in the Place of Kantor."

"The first face we see in A Pink Chair, Bzymek’s, is on screen. A young Polish actor and filmmaker, Z says he has been told he resembles Kantor, with whom he shares a dark, brooding aspect, although, in archival footage, Kantor appears not only older but considerably craggier and more haunted. On stage, both men affect slouch hats and romantically wrapped scarves. And as the play progresses, Z begins to look ever more like the Polish director. It’s not just their faces and posture; even their hands look alike. Yet Z’s performance never descends into impersonation; it’s too stentorian and peculiar. "-  Francine Prose [New York Review of Books]

Bierność - [Complicity]

I recently did a digital release of my first film school film, which I directed in 2002. I was interviewed by i-D Vice in Poland about Polish film school, art and activism and dealing with Polish homophobia in the early 2000s. There is a link to the un-cut English version of the interview below.

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I directed a music video for Polish pop-star Brodka. The album, Clashes, on which I co-wrote the lyrics to 5 songs, won the Fryderyk award for Best Alternative Album 2017 - Poland's highest music industry honor.

"However, the biggest impressions are made by close-ups on the artist's face, such as the ones during the refrain and the end of the song." -  [Gazeta Wyborcza]


In 2011, I showed my feature film debut at The Berlin International Film Festival [Forum].

"One of the most promising films, revealing a young director to follow..." - Stéphane Delorme about Utopians, [Cahiers du Cinéma]

The Wooster Group DAILIES

Since 2010, I have been the main shooter, editor and producer of this regular video blog documenting The Wooster Group. I've made over 500 short videos for TWG.

"A little un-narrated, barely edited po-mo fragmentation never hurt anybody: The footage is oddly mesmerizing." - Scott Brown, vulture.com [New York Magazine]

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City of My Dreams

In 2014, I brought members of the downtown NYC dancer community together with Berlin-based chanteuse Mary Komasa, directing this music video.

"This video refers to the feeling of melancholy, inseparably embedded in our dreams..." - Zbigniew Bzymek [Polish Radio/Polskie Radio]

Director's Reel

"One of the most promising films, revealing a young director to follow..." - Stéphane Delorme about Utopians, [Cahiers du Cinéma]


From 2013-2015, I was the head editor and cinematographer for this Iranian version of The Daily Show, hosted by Kambiz Hosseini.

"Poletik deals with Iranian politics, including the presidency of Hassan Rouhani. A guest on the show in October 2014 was Her Imperial Majesty Shahbanu Farah of Iran." -  [wikipedia.org]



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